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short description of recently finished projects


Translation of texts related with oenology or winery

Just finished an interesting translation about a French wine domain and its wines.
It is a kind of translation that requires more creativity than other subjects because the desciption of the taste often refers to images that are specific in every language.

I am proud I got the following comment/feedback from the Saint Nazaire region agency I did the translation for:

Excellent traducteur. Très réactif, respecte les délais et fournit vraiment de la bonne qualité. Every time again!


The picture below is from Friedrich Schatz who is a winemaker in Spain I know personally.
He makes excellent wines and uses organic biodynamic practices.

Friedrich Schatz

Gothic cathedral from Spanish to Dutch

Gothic architecture of a cathedral
terminology, parts of a gothic cathedral

I recently finished a project for an audioguide regarding a famous cathedral in Spain. This required research about the right terms to use for the different parts of these magnificent buildings. Really interesting and I am grateful I could do this translation from Spanish into Dutch.

Spanish words like : jambas, arquivoltas, girola, chapitel, cimborrio appeared in this script for the tourists’ audioguide. Not really everyday speech. Another aspect was to bear in mind that the text was going to be listened to and not read. The part I liked most were the descriptions of the “retablas”, the gothic altarpieces. Quite a lot of altarpieces in the 14th – 16th century were made by Flemish craftsmen.

I even had to look up an old latin text that can be seen in the cathedral. To check if my translation was correct I contacted a priest I know and he gave me a link about texts from the bible psalms where I could see several versions of the text.

A wonderful mix of art, history, architecture in a project for tourism and travel.


Word Pic game app

A recent project I finished was a Word Pic game app. I enjoyed it very much and below are other subjects and translation projects I finished recently:

  • user interface messages
  • editing and proofreading of a medical device manual
  • Eco Oil transmitter manual
  • dental imaging device service manual
  • website database with +80.000 words of electrical engineering technology
  • news release about IT: “Big Data” for Belgian press
  • French Wines & Spirits website
  • security labelling for HP computers
  • telecom device manual proofreading
  • electronic security equipment text strings for manual
  • household appliance manual
  • audioguide for prestigious Spanish cathedral