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Gothic cathedral from Spanish to Dutch

Gothic architecture of a cathedral
terminology, parts of a gothic cathedral

I recently finished a project for an audioguide regarding a famous cathedral in Spain. This required research about the right terms to use for the different parts of these magnificent buildings. Really interesting and I am grateful I could do this translation from Spanish into Dutch.

Spanish words like : jambas, arquivoltas, girola, chapitel, cimborrio appeared in this script for the tourists’ audioguide. Not really everyday speech. Another aspect was to bear in mind that the text was going to be listened to and not read. The part I liked most were the descriptions of the “retablas”, the gothic altarpieces. Quite a lot of altarpieces in the 14th – 16th century were made by Flemish craftsmen.

I even had to look up an old latin text that can be seen in the cathedral. To check if my translation was correct I contacted a priest I know and he gave me a link about texts from the bible psalms where I could see several versions of the text.

A wonderful mix of art, history, architecture in a project for tourism and travel.