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Translation of texts related with oenology or winery

Just finished an interesting translation about a French wine domain and its wines.
It is a kind of translation that requires more creativity than other subjects because the desciption of the taste often refers to images that are specific in every language.

I am proud I got the following comment/feedback from the Saint Nazaire region agency I did the translation for:

Excellent traducteur. Très réactif, respecte les délais et fournit vraiment de la bonne qualité. Every time again!


The picture below is from Friedrich Schatz who is a winemaker in Spain I know personally.
He makes excellent wines and uses organic biodynamic practices.

Friedrich Schatz

Examples of projects finished

 Here’s a selection of the subjects I translated, reviewed or for which I did proofreading:

Bioreactor controller User Manual | Technical instructions lift | Employee Survey feedback | Company car policy | Support service for PCs and tablets |Pastry and ice cream catalogue |Operational flight planning system for helicopter |Instructions machine for collecting and recycling bottles and crates | Car navigation system instructions | Industrial tools catalogue |Website content sustainable toys| TETRA Radios user guide | Australian Barossa Valley Winery description | Handbook on renewable energy technologies for business parks| 500 page book about essential oils |New business strategy presentation | Training for test driving a new car model |Brochure about new technology hearing aids | Review, proof and harmonizing psychometric scale training documents (medical psychiatry) | Boiler servicing and maintenance guide |Technical manual about explosion protected distributions |Descriptions of hotel accommodation for French Hotel Group website (+120k words)|Technical Datasheets for Car Engine repairs| Word Pic game app|User Interface messages |Editing and Proofreading medical device manual |Eco Oil transmitter manual | Dental Imaging device service manual | Website database > 80.000 words electrical engineering (industrial cables and wires)| News release IT Big Data for Belgian press | French Wines & Spirits website | Security labeling for HP computers | Telecom device manual proofreading | Electronic security equipment textstrings for manual | Household appliance manual | Audioguide for Spanish cathedral

More than a million words

Last summer after a very interesting project on low carbon emission industrial parks. One of my favourite subjects about ecology, the environment and related technology. A very technical project.

I reached a total of 1,251,459 words translated. I keep track of all my translation projects and to be honest I was surprised myself of this huge volume. In fact I have translated more than this because this is only the amount I registered since I started as a full time free lance translator on ProZ (june 2012).

I want to thank all my clients for this and will continue to do the best I can to provide the best translations for them.

It is hard work sometimes but you know, as a client told me:

“Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”


Thank you Liz

Well, this is just to thank Liz Morales again for her advice she gave me in june 2012, when I started on the ProZ platform and I didn’t have that much experience about how to get the right translation jobs. I was impressed by her profile where she’s telling that she has translated nearly all the documentation for five different solar-thermal power generation plants to be built at different locations in Spain. Liz is an intelligent translator translating from Spanish to EN-US and specialized in the alternative energy sector. Being a technical translator myself, I asked her how to move around in this business.

I followed some of her advice and here I am, running my own freelance translation business.


Thank you Liz and hope to meet you one day in Málaga.


Kind regards,






Wordfast Pro certificate

Received my certificate for having completed the Wordfast Pro Level I training program.

Thanks to John Di Rico I know a lot more about this excellent CAT tool.

I keep on using the Wordfast Pro. It is platform-independent Translation Memory technology, so I can use it on my iMac and switch to my Windows 7 laptop whenever I want.

I use it a lot to get my TM administration organized.


Wordfast training program
Certificate of training


Why Thesauri?

The Thesauri Translations website started 2nd November 2012.

I am very happy and grateful I can start my own website. I named it after the Latin word “thesaurus” and the Greek word θησαυρός, meaning treasure. Thesauri is the plural of Thesaurus.

In my native Dutch language we have a beautiful word “woordenschat”, literally translated “treasure of words”.

That’s the way I think about languages, they are treasures in the form of words from people all over the world.

As a professional translator I handle these words daily, they are my treasures!

I translate them with gusto and maximum accuracy for you.

Kind regards

Wim Jonckheere